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Successful Outcomes

In 2006 while driving in the rain I was in a terrible automobile accident and I was ejected from my 2004 Ford explorer, a 4,000 pound vehicle that rolled on top of me leaving me stranded in the rain and in the darkness without any help.  There I spent time contemplating on some of the most important things in life.  My predicament placed me in a very sober frame of mind.  It was in this moment in time that I saw clearly that it is the interpersonal relationships between people that is the most important treasure in life.  In this life and death moment I wanted an opportunity to live to play catch with my son, to sit by my fireplace and drink a glass of wine with my wife, and even to engage in conversations with those people I have discord with because I treasured and respected the true value of reciprocity and qualities of the yin and yang aspects of living. 
In 2006 I spent many days and nights rehabilitating from the injuries of the accident.  Over the course of that time I read a plethora of books and autobiographies on a variety of topics and people.  And I started wanting to take ownership of my own life.  I wanted to grow.  I wanted progress.  I wanted healthier relationships.  I wanted to define what success was for me. I wanted to have clarity of purpose and a sense of confidence, happiness and joy.  I wanted to live with passion. 
Dru brought to my attention a set of skills and a set of strategies.  He taught me life tools that have empowered me as I use them in conjunction with my passion.  I began to renovate weak parts of my old self and reconstruct strong parts of my new sense of self.  I am addicted to the progress in my life.  My family life is stronger and more secure.  Everyday I approach life with excitement and vigor and I live life with passion and a strong sense of self.  I am also able to hurdle the emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological challenges that I am faced with on a daily basis.  The catalyst to this process has been Dru.  In terms of his impact on my life I am grateful to have him as a confidant and a friend and I wish him all the best in his future journey and his future endeavors.

I am a professional mother of two, wife and customer service representative, and I take all three very seriously. Every advantage counts in my professional and personal life. Dru facilitated me in being my absolute best. I am now performing at a level that I never knew I was capable of. I came to him because he has lots of experience with people and as a professional pilot/ teacher. He earns the name: "Captain Fantastic" in my book! He has obviously done the work himself and he walks the talk. It shows. He takes his work very
seriously, and he's fun to work with too. I recommend him to anyone who wants to
do a kick-ass job and grab life by the horns!

As a professional airline pilot, father and extreme athlete I like to milk life for every drop. Power curve coaching is a must for anyone looking to improve their quality of
life. It does not matter what area of your life you are looking to improve. Dru
has the tools to help you succeed. I highly recommend his service to everyone.

"I don't know many people functioning at as high a level as Dru. This guy has got his act together and is powerful at helping other people have his level of energy and his dedication to success. Especially powerful and fun is his approach to using flying as a metaphor for life and as a structure for coaching. Watching him in action as a pilot is impressive - you see an ultra-competent guy who clearly knows his stuff. And then when you see how he uses the analogy of flight to help coach you to fly in your own life, to chart your course, etc, it's powerful. And fun. 
Dru has a rare level of energy, lives ultra clean, a powers towards what he wants. He helps others do the same. I wholeheartedly endorse Dru. You'll have a blast and he'll deliver."

 "Dru is a professional, results driven individual who knows how to get the job done. He's helped many individuals to achieve extraordinary results in their lives through his unique coaching program. I would recommend Dru to anyone looking for a strong mentor who can lead them to fulfilling their goals with passion, urgency and rigor." 

"Dru was my flight instructor early on in my training. He was great! He was very personable and always put me first. He's an excellent teacher and coach!" 

I wasn't sure if life coaching was what I needed to help me to reach my goals, but after only one month of working with Dru a powerful transformation took a place in my life.  Dru has been instrumental in helping me move forward. I love getting up in the morning and I enjoy the journey.  Dru's guidance, support, and honest feedback are teaching me to embrace my unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy. I would recommend my life coach Drury Babcock to anyone who is not afraid to follow their dreams and live exciting and meaningful life.
Peter P., Vancouver, Canada

Coaching with Dru has been one of the best decisions I made both for my private and professional life. Dru helped me keep myself accoutable, get to a high level of clarity in my short term and long term goals, and most importantly, take action to drive results, which is what coaching with Dru is all about. His invaluable experience as a coach and deep knowledge of the startup business world were extremely valuable for the pursuit of my andeavour. I highly recommend coaching with Dru to whoever has desire and want to get results.


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