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You Get What You Expect And You Achieve What You Focus On

Posted on: Nov 25, 2012 - 02:44 AM | General | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock

 I believe that if we expect to succeed, then we will most likely get just that. And if we expect to get something else (or fail) then we will get that too! How many times have you succeeded because you consciously decided on a positive outcome before you set out to take action? What did you decide would be the outcome? Can you think of a time when you succeeded because you decided beforehand that you were going to succeed? How about a time when you “just knew” beforehand that it probably wasn’t going to work out? What did you get?

And we achieve what we focus on! When we consciously (or unconsciously) focus on something, our energy goes there. It has been said: “Where focus goes, energy flows”.  How have you achieved a goal or outcome in your life when it seemed challenging (or impossible) before you set out on the journey? Can you think of something in your life that has come to fruition because you consistently focused on achieving it? Can you think of something that has not manifested, that you surely thought would? What happened? Did you really expect that it would happen? And did you consistently focus on achieving the outcome? Was the outcome clearly defined?


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