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The 6 Steps to Having Faith and Not Fear

Posted on: Aug 23, 2012 - 07:42 AM | General | Comments (0)
Author: DB
How many times have you experienced success simply because you believed in yourself (and others) and that it was going to work out? What was the process that made success happen? There were a few steps, which you took when you were on your journey or in the moment.
Sometimes when we don’t get what we want, it feels like failure. It’s easy to give up when you come to a roadblock, but I don’t believe that this is failure. Failure is giving up, and quitting when it gets “hard”. I think that what is really going on is that you are being re-routed to your true destination and you are experiencing a delay. I also believe and understand that life’s delays are not life’s let downs; they are a setup for your true destiny. If you don’t achieve your desired outcome, then its because it wasn’t really your destiny (yet) or perhaps the thing which feels like failure is an important lesson which you must learn in order to progress past a road block. What could you accomplish if you could come from your heart all the time and have faith that it will work out? What if you didn’t judge the outcome (or yourself)? What if you just believed (with certainty) that it is going to work out for the best, and that you are safe, protected and on track? What if all you have to do is your part? Faith is a belief with certainty. The only difference between faith and fear is how you direct your imagination (or don’t direct it). Faith is directed imagination. Fear is undirected imagination; if you don’t choose what to imagine, it will be chosen for you.
Here are a few specific steps, which will help you to have faith:
1) Know your outcome (destination) and focus on it
2) Create a team
3) Mind your own business
4) Use empowering language
5) Take action NOW! You must commit to something!
6) Work with a coach!
1) Know your outcome (destination) before you start the journey. Know where you want to end up and navigation will come easily; otherwise you will be traveling aimlessly or to the place where you will run out of fuel, and ultimately to your crash sight.
2) Create a team: we were made to do things with others. Otherwise we would be able to procreate without a partner. You even need a partner for something as basic and biological as reproduction. Don’t you think that this works with the rest of life?
3) Mind your own business; don’t worry about anyone else’s journey. But be aware of your job, how you fit in with other people and how to serve them in achieving their needs. Have compassion! We are ALL teammates; even if they are acting like assholes or destructively. There is a strong reason why they are behaving that way. You may be part of the solution by just believing that they will make it through to where they are supposed to be. Who knows… Someday you may be the “asshole” and you may not even realize it. How would you need to be treated in order to break out of that psychology?
4) Use empowering language. I hear a lot of people say things like “Hope for the best and expect the worst”. I don’t know where that saying came from, but I believe that something infinitely more powerful is: “Expect the best and prepare for the worst”. If you expect success and truly commit to an outcome, there is a much greater probability that things are going to work out. This is because you get what you expect and you achieve what you focus on. And if you have a plan to succeed, then all you have to do is follow it to the finish line. It’s also very powerful (psychologically and pragmatically) to prepare for things that can come up (like the worst case scenario). If you expect to succeed and prepare for whatever could sabotage your success, you won’t get disappointed and there won’t be any sneaky (unwanted) surprises.
How do pilots do it? If a pilot didn’t completely, one hundred percent, beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt; expect that the aircraft and his/her skills would work during a takeoff and flight, do you think that he/she would decide to take off? We pilots receive a lot of training and we have preset procedures for normal operations (success plans) AND emergencies. We use “flows” (preset procedures) and we back up our flows with checklists (normal and for emergencies). And miraculously, flight is statistically very safe (but not perfect).
5) Take action NOW! You must commit to something! The worst thing that one can do is to live without commitment. Straddling a fence is not sustainable for very long. And the best thing that you can do is to commit to your plan (even if its the wrong plan). You can always change your mind. How will you ever truly know if your plan is perfect? Why do you feel the need to be perfect (if you do…)? Humans are imperfect; do you really think that you can achieve perfection? I think that you may find that you will always fail and be perpetually disappointed when using the standard of perfection. And it will wear you down and ruin your morale, leading you to give up in the long run. What if you use the standard of “being your best” or “outstanding”? What would that get you? You can always change your mind (but only if you are committed). And the more that you learn to use your heart (intuition) to navigate through life, the less you will have to change your mind. This is because you will be doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, most (if not all) the time. And everything will be in flow (even if it’s sometimes “challenging”).
6) Work with a coach! We are a vital part of your team. Coaches know the road ahead and we can facilitate you on your journey to your destination, using faith. We can facilitate you in developing your intuition and faith in a way that serves you and others. We have done the hard work and the personal development so that it’s easier and faster for you. With a coach, you can compress decades into moments. We know the road ahead. We are able to hold that mirror up so that you can see the back of your head and other blind spots. We help you to develop your strengths and we hold you accountable. We are your best teammate, who you can count on- even when your friends and family members judge you and act petty. Coaches don’t take anything personally; we have a professional relationship, which develops into a friendship alliance in the process. If you are ready to have faith and blast through and destroy your fears, contact us and set up a free one hour Discovery session and have immediate breakthroughs today!

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