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The Strongest Force in the Human Personality is the Need to Stay Consistent With One's Identity

Posted on: Mar 02, 2013 - 07:45 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
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The Strongest Force in the Human Personality is the Need to Stay Consistent With One’s Identity (How We Define Ourselves)


Why do we have such a strong compulsion to stay the same? It’s a survival instinct, which can help us in big ways; it exists to help us maintain stability in our psyche, and it can also work against us. So it’s important to be (consciously) in control of our identity. Homeostasis is why people will do just about anything (include violate our entire value system) to maintain our identity that we are “good” people. People will also do just about anything to maintain that we are “bad”, or however we define ourselves. We can create fantasies and extreme departures from reality (or accountability) to maintain this definition that we have of ourselves. This part of our human experience is a very powerful thing and now that you know that it exists, you can be more in control of your destiny.

Why do some people continue to participate in a behavior or attitude that doesn’t serve us or anyone else? Like smoking… or procrastination? Or Violence? Why are some people able to maintain a high state of grace or a high level of achievement regardless of our circumstances? Like staying healthy and fit… or kind and giving? And peaceful and calm? Why do some people fall into a rut and stay there? It’s all about how we define ourselves. For example; if we define ourselves as a “winners”, then we will do just about anything to maintain this perception in our minds (including violate our entire value system). How do Olympians define themselves? How does an Olympic Gold-medalist define him/herself? Consider before and after the event? How does a Navy Seal define himself? How does a Professional Pilot define him/herself? How does a gang member define him/herself? How does a convicted felon or a career criminal define him/herself? Why do people who are considered high achievers stay in this mentality and state so often? Why do people who participate in behavior that doesn’t serve themselves (or others) stay stuck in it? It’s all because of this instinct which is in our DNA: “Homeostasis.”

The great news is that we are completely in control of how we identify ourselves and we can keep the stuff that serves us and change the stuff that doesn’t! As long as we are conscious about our perceptions… Its actually amazing! It may take some thought, conditioning, guidance and effort, but positive change is possible. And the best part is that you don’t have to change your whole personality, just small perceptions here and there. It’s done through vehicles like psychotherapy, coaching, personal development exercises, life experience and circumstances. Sometimes you can get a big break in life, and sometimes you have to make your own big break! It’s a choice. All you have to do is DECIDE who you want to be, and become that. And working with a skilled life or business coach will expedite the process exponentially; it could change twenty years into ten minutes! We know exactly which switch to flip and when. You may not be able to see the forest through the trees, but we are outside of your forest and we can see you from a grander perspective, and we can facilitate you in navigating to your true destination. Contact Power Curve Coaching in order to try a free one-hour coaching session, where you can experience immediate breakthroughs in how you define yourself. Don’t wait until you are ninety to decide that you can be everything that you are capable of: your true self! Its possible now! What will it cost you to stay the same? What will you gain by stepping up and living your life? Our lives were meant to be rich and colorful!


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