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Olympic Athletes: Peak-Performance at its Finest!

Posted on: Jul 14, 2012 - 10:00 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock


How do the best in the world do it? How do they achieve the best results? World records… Amazing feats of physical teamwork, strategy, stamina and  strength… Oneness; being in “the Zone”… There’s a lot going on in the physiology, focus and language of an Olympic athlete. These three areas can be broken down and duplicated with non-Olympians too!

For starters, Olympic gold medalists have a special talent, which they have taken years (or decades) to develop. With Olympic athletes it’s usually a special physiology which they possess.  Whether it’s swimming, track and field, or a team sport like volleyball or Basketball, the athletes and their coaches always focus on their strengths and their desired outcomes in order to achieve greatness. And the athletes are conditioned to use winning language in their head (and out loud) to get the peak state. Becoming an Olympic gold medalist is not happenstance! And you don’t need to be an Olympian to be outstanding in your field; you can use the same strategies with whatever your gift may be.

The years of focus, determination, sweat, blood and tears, which lead to an Olympic final is challenging to say the least. With Olympic athletes, there are three areas, which they develop. They can be broken down into smaller chunks; I know it as: physiology, focus and language. Collectively, they are called the “Triad”. You may have heard this same concept with different words; perhaps: “mind, body and spirit”, “father, son, and holy spirit” or “Id, Ego and Super-ego”, etc… Whatever you want to call it, people who achieve Olympic gold medals have optimized their combination of these three dimensions.

In order to achieve your truest and most magnificent self you must optimize your triad:

Physiology: Your natural capacity, considering your body: muscle strength, stamina, coordination, diet, breathing, rest, and intervals. Athlete's bodies are conditioned to perform.

Focus: You achieve what you focus on; perhaps a gold medal, but even more being present in the process and strategy. Olympic gold medalist swimmers have been asked what they were thinking of when they were in the moment of the race: they often say: “putting one stroke after the next and being totally, completely present”. Its that simple! That is what many call: "being in the Zone”.

Language: Olympic gold medalists think and speak with a very precise language. They consciously and subconsciously use “winning” language. They say things like:

"I am a gold medalist"

“I am my best now”

“All I need is within me now”

“I am a team member, here to serve my team”

“I am one with my team” and

“ I am serving my country”

Often times before someone succeeds at a goal or outcome, they already know that they have won it (before the event). There is a certainty of belief (faith) in their psychology, which is immensely strong. With the above language, they are certain and have faith in their destiny. Something magical happens when this type of language is used; it’s almost like guidance from outside of them selves. Have you ever had an experience like this?... Where you felt guided? You can maximize your triad! You can be an Olympian, Peak-performer in your own field!


World-class talent can go unnoticed or unrealized if it isn’t shaped and guided. Olympic coaches are also a key ingredient in an Olympic gold medal. Coaches are experts in facilitating success  with goals and outcomes, and we shape and guide peak-performers along the journey to greatness. We know the formula and how to apply it in your life! Get in touch with Power Curve Coaching if you want to realize your potential: your truest and most magnificent self! What if when you are ninety years old you get to meet the person who you could have been? What would that be like? What would it cost you to live in fear and be average? And what will you gain by maximizing yourself now? How will it feel to be your best?


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