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Its Just Fear (and Laziness)... Holding You Back

Posted on: Aug 14, 2013 - 08:15 PM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock
    That’s right… Every time you miss the mark, is only due to fear and laziness. That’s the only thing holding you back. What could you accomplish if you knew that you couldn’t fail? What would you try or completely commit and go for? What would come into your life? How far could you go? Who could you be? How much good and love could you deliver to your friends, loved ones and the rest of the world? You are about to learn how to eradicate fear from your life.   It’s all completely in your head. Your entire reality… Everything. E... More

The Strongest Force in the Human Personality is the Need to Stay Consistent With One's Identity

Posted on: Mar 02, 2013 - 07:45 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: DB
Homeostasis   The Strongest Force in the Human Personality is the Need to Stay Consistent With One’s Identity (How We Define Ourselves)   Why do we have such a strong compulsion to stay the same? It’s a survival instinct, which can help us in big ways; it exists to help us maintain stability in our psyche, and it can also work against us. So it’s important to be (consciously) in control of our identity. Homeostasis is why people will do just about anything (include violate our entire value system) to maintain our identity that we are “good” p... More

Our Stories

Posted on: Nov 14, 2012 - 08:15 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock
  We all have our “stories”, which can often limit us to a belief that may not be true. We have these belief systems, which validate our fears and help us to stay stuck or limited. The breakthrough is when we stretch and get out of the stories and limiting beliefs and go for what we really want and need. Its important to understand what prevents us from achieving our outcomes! As a coach, I have been trained that if we are not coaching an outcome, then we are coaching someone’s story… Its so true! And its not progress when we stay stuck in our stories. Progr... More

Servant Leadership

Posted on: Sep 30, 2012 - 09:12 PM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock
What does Leadership mean to you? Someone controlling and in command? Perhaps Authority? Can you imagine something from your own life experience? I believe that the best leaders are the people who are the most resourceful with their ultimate resource: their emotions! And they create the most leaders while they are leading! Its not about worldly power; it's about service and gratitude. I think that people who are the real leaders step out from themselves and give to others with their gifts and talents and with total generosity. I think its a whole lot easier to do this as compared to atte... More

Olympic Athletes: Peak-Performance at its Finest!

Posted on: Jul 14, 2012 - 10:00 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock
  How do the best in the world do it? How do they achieve the best results? World records… Amazing feats of physical teamwork, strategy, stamina and  strength… Oneness; being in “the Zone”… There’s a lot going on in the physiology, focus and language of an Olympic athlete. These three areas can be broken down and duplicated with non-Olympians too! For starters, Olympic gold medalists have a special talent, which they have taken years (or decades) to develop. With Olympic athletes it’s usually a special physiology which they posse... More

How Many Times Have You Been Influenced by Someone, When You Felt Like You Were Being Judged?

Posted on: Jul 02, 2012 - 10:03 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock
  “Oh God; come on Stupid! Why don’t you just buy it? What’s wrong with you? You’re so Dumb!”   This is something that “the worst salesman of the year” might say, right? Have you ever changed your mind when someone was telling you that you were wrong? Perhaps they added some sort of force or threat to get you to comply with their demand? Maybe this urged you to change your mind or comply temporarily, until the exact moment that the threat was removed? Then you immediately went right back to your way of doing it? Does this sound fam... More