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Leadership: the The Four Phases of Teambuilding

Posted on: Jul 27, 2012 - 05:58 AM | General | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock

Hi leaders! There are four phases of teambuilding, which you should be aware of. They always happen and they always happen in the same sequence. They have to happen or else the team doesn’t progress or it dies. Have you ever been in a team situation where everything is going well; you’re having fun and then a big challenge happens and people get discouraged and give up, leave, or switch teams?

It’s really important that leaders of teams know the four phases. They are:


1) Forming

2) Storming

3) Norming

4) Performing


I’ll expand them:

1)   Forming: the team forms and has a big growth spurt.

2)   Storming: the team will have challenges for a while. Teams have to weather the storm; there is no way out of it! Commitment starts when the fun stops! Many leaders and team members get frustrated in this phase and give up or jump ship. Don’t worry; its just temporary!

3)   Norming: this is when the team starts coming together and operations and output start becoming normal and smoother.

4)   Performing: this is when the team is in flow and performing well: it becomes a winning machine. This is maximum progress and output. This is the part that feels fulfilling and fun!


Like I said; these phases must happen. Many give up or leave when the going gets tough or it looks impossible. Think about some teams you know of: athletic, business, interpersonal relationships, marriages. They all, except ALL go through the four phases. Can you think of some examples in your life where you left in the storming phase? What did it cost you? What can you do as a leader going forward? What will you gain with this insight? The team leader’s job is to navigate through the four phases and especially the storms. How will you lead your team? 


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