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Interview With Peak-Performer Coach, Mom and Athlete: Rachel Weeks

Posted on: Jan 13, 2013 - 05:30 AM | General | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock

Power Curve Coaching is continuing our series of interviews in the next coming weeks and months, where we interview peak-performers and big achievers across various fields and disciplines. The goal is to understand what they do and how they do it so that we may duplicate their successes in our own lives. We will find out the psychology and strategies, which these extraordinary individuals and teams use to get their extraordinary results. This week, we are blessed to have Rachel Weeks! Rachel is a consistent peak-performer, who has proven that it’s possible to be an outstanding family person and peak-performer in career and athletics (and all around).

Here is the interview:

Dru: You are a very dynamic person and I think that you can really serve even more people if we can understand who you are at your core. We want to break down your life experience into simple insights, which people can take and implement into their own lives and missions.
Dru: Who is Rachel Weeks? What do you do and how do you do it?


Rachel: Rachel Weeks is a passionate person, in every aspect of my life.  Due to my passion in all areas of my life it makes all of the parts able to move without getting caught up in frustrations, anxiety and worry.  I focus on solutions not problems in my day-to-day calendar and achieving all my outcomes with spending time with my family, career, training and giving back.


Dru: What's the purpose of your life? 


Rachel: My ultimate purpose it to connect with people and serve others in helping them become the best person they are meant to be.


Dru: What are some of the most meaningful accomplishments that you've achieved in your lifetime, so far? 


Rachel: I am extremely blessed and thank God everyday for those blessings as well as my purpose for being here.  A few highlights are being an athlete despite my visual and hearing impairments, my amazing family and friends, ability to enjoy appreciate simplicity, being a mother, being a life and career coach and having a career in line with my purpose and to love freely and openly.   


Dru: What did you do in order to accomplish these things?


Rachel: I have a commitment to always grow, push past limits and breakthrough barriers that have been put down in my mind.  I surround myself with people who push me and hold me to a high standard. 


Dru: What were the steps in the process? Can you break it down into some really simple steps for us? 


Rachel: Commit to a life you deserve, take steps to get there.  If you do not know the steps, find someone who does. Have a peer group that pushes you to follow through.  Re-create your environment to support that goal.  And then JUST DO IT!  When you fall flat on your face, get back up and find another way until you SUCCEED.  This formula not only ensures success, but creates growth and change.


Dru: Do you have any really significant role models or heroes? What did they give you?


Rachel: I have many role models.  My biggest role model and influencer in my life right now is Tony Robbins.  Just by being him, he supports me in raising my standards, pushing through limits and celebrating life!  I have never personally met him but through his events, programs and being a life coach for him he is still extremely influential in my life.


Dru: What are your top 5 strengths? 


Rachel: My top 5 strengths are authenticity, perseverance, thinking outside the box or resourcefulness and love : )


Dru: How did you discover your strengths? 


Rachel: By going where I thought was impossible.  By proving my old limiting beliefs wrong. 


Dru: Did you have any coaches who really helped you to

Develop your strengths and to overcome weaknesses?


Rachel: Yes!  My trainers for Tony Robbins as well as the 2MM team (colleagues).


Dru: What role did they play in success conditioning?


Rachel: Just by pushing me and not allowing me to quit by supporting me with tools and just caring and loving. 


Dru: Where does your motivation come from? What motivates you? 


Rachel: I am motivated to inspire.  By living a life full of fulfillment, love and happiness I get to pay it forward to others.  I use to be uncomfortable playing a significant role but I now view it as a means to tell others its ok to dream big and then dare to actually do it! 


Dru: Since part of who you are, is a mom and entrepreneur, answer this: what does the term "power curve" mean to you? 


Rachel: Power curve to me means a level of living that once you reach it there is a power in the gifts you have.  Influencing, giving back, contributing, growing.  That curve is where I constantly stay and push so I can rise above any limits or impossibles.


Dru: Let's talk about your business experience for a moment. What's going on your head when you're getting ready for a typical day (of managing your household)?


Rachel: My first thought is how can I can I help serve change today.  Whether it’s with a client, my children, my family, friends?  Then when I go to my Google Calendar it's not to do but a means to create and support change towards the "Power Curve."


Dru: When you set out to achieve a goal, do you hope to succeed? Or do you completely expect success?  


Rachel: Its a "come hell or high water" I will succeed attitude!  There is no failure but a "Well, that wasn't it?" And then I try again.... and again...and again.   


Dru: Do you write your goals down?


Rachel: Yes!  It makes it real!


Dru: What kind of language does you use- in your head and out loud?


Rachel: My language varies depending on situations.  Sometimes its calm and methodical, sometimes loud and certain, others happy and flowy.  Just depends. 


Dru: How about health and fitness? How important is physiology in achieving your goals? What have these strategies done for your life? 


Rachel: Physiology is the base of where we operate.  It is your starting point, your funnel if you will.  So outstanding physiology creates outstanding place to work from.  By stepping up my physiology I live a better quality of life.  I continue stepping up in this aspect of my life EVERYDAY!


Dru: What's your best skill? 


Rachel: My best skill is keeping it real and simple.  I am not a sugar coater and fake is not a place I operate from. 


Dru: How have your teamwork skills enhanced your life and your ability to serve?


Rachel: Teamwork helps support me in pushing through and becoming a better person.  It is essential to my success.  


Dru: For example: in life navigation, decision-making and/or problem solving? Have they translated into your leadership and business skills? Relationships? Family? Parenting? 


Rachel: Having different perspectives opens up options, solutions, problem solving, having more tools, etc.  I would hate to have a one sided perspective in life.  I would miss out on so many distinctions!!!


Dru: Have you ever had a failure?


Rachel: No....just hiccups or moments when I missed the mark, but not failures.


Dru: How did you overcome it and how has failure served you? 

Rachel: When I "fell down” I picked myself up and started brainstorming.  I am a fighter so sometimes anxiety, worry, stress want to rear its ugly head and it gets a hold of me but I have an ability to recognize, calm down and regroup.  It is a huge strength of mine. 


Dru: You're a consistent peak performer; how do you consistently stay at this high level of output and achievement? 


Rachel: I am committed.  I will succeed.  I surround myself with an outstanding peer group.  I focus on the purpose not the outcome.  For instance, I did not want to run a marathon so I could get a finisher medal.  I ran a marathon so I could experience each mile, run alongside other amazing athletes doing an amazing thing, pushing your body to run for 26.2 miles.  To meet other amazing people, celebrate the victory, smile, dance at Mile 25 just because I could!  For me, keeping it fun, keeping it real, keeping it simple is my ultimate goal!


Dru: Can you share an insight with my audience, which will help them in life success?


Rachel: Smile, laugh and be’s hard to have a bad day if you refocus to those three emotions consistently throughout the day!  Make it a habit.


Dru: What will you be/ who will you be in 1 year? 5 years? At 90?


Rachel: In one year I will be an Ironman athlete, a whole woman, a world changer.  5 years I will be experienced and continue sharing my knowledge and distinctions as well as continuing growing.  And Celebrating!  At 90, hell lets run a marathon!  Why the hell not! Ha!


Dru: We all have a primary question that we ask ourselves: subconsciously (and consciously). What is yours? 



Rachel: My primary question is: “what can I do to improve?”


Dru: Do you have a nickname? Call-sign? CB handle?


Rachel: I am the “20 mile buster” : )


Dru: Are there any great organizations, which you care to let people know about?


Rachel: I support a lot of organizatons, which include:


United States Association of Blind Athletes

CDifferent Foundation

Foundation Fighting Blindness


They can always use our support!










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