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Projection: How it Can Help or Hinder Us

Posted on: Jul 01, 2012 - 08:51 AM | General | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock

Everything you see in the world is just an internal reflection, experienced through your filter. This is why people are so intelligent (and also, so very limited): for example, a really pretty girl who thinks that she is really smart because everyone (mostly men) always agrees with her… She equates being pretty with being smart. And her perception is that only pretty people are smart. Is it true? And what about the same person who is convinced that her boyfriend is a cheater and that he's always going behind her back? Why is she sooooo sensitive to this tendency in other people? Is it possible that SHE is double dealing and sleeping around (with his two best friends, and a bunch of others) behind his back? And she is actually just projecting her guilt and self-hatred? Something to think about...
Or what about a used-car salesman who thinks that everyone is a lying racist or a crazy criminal? Why is he soooo sensitive to these traits in other people? Is it possible that, actually He is the lying racist and the crazy criminal? Is it possible that he is just projecting his worldview onto everyone else? Something to think about...
What about overly critical and judgmental individuals who critically, negatively and morally judge everyone else? Is it possible that they are critically, negatively, and morally judging themselves internally and projecting these perceptions onto everyone else? How much destruction can this create in your and other people's lives?
The Antidote: Ask them (or perhaps yourself): "How specifically is he/she/I cheating, lying, racist, criminal,____________________,  etc...?" Come up with a specific answer, and be real. Check the facts, not just your projective perception. This will help you to identify, differentiate and clarify the difference between real intuitive hits and your own or other's propaganda. Most impportantly: become self aware of what bothers YOU, and how your perception is really working. And if perhaps you come to a conclusion that its not just "Them", and perhaps it's a little  (or a lot) "Me": stop judging yourself. Understand, appreciate, forgive and reconcile with yourself. Its the best gift that you can give yourself (and the people whom you love), because there will be more of the real You present to them when you do this.

And what about the inverse: the relatively honest, curious and simple person, who thinks that life and everything in it is easy, interesting and simple? He/she may believe that just about anything is possible if you come from your heart, believe (have faith) and make an intelligent plan and follow it? Or the entrepreneur who sees opportunity everywhere and in everyone, because he/ she believes in infinite possibilities and focuses on what can go right?

Do you see how this phenomena works? The trick is being aware of this phenomenon and not get deceived by people (especially one’s self) and their (your) propaganda. I believe that the end result is personal and institutional marketing. People and organizations project themselves and their internal perceptions into the world. The real trick is to become self-aware and to heal those negative perceptions and to turn them into perceptions that serve you and others. That way, you are in control of your destiny (as much as possible) and you are the voice. You may gravitate toward that which is in your heart more often (or all the time). What could you gain if you saw yourself as “good enough” and “completely loveable”, with an aptitude for success; living in a world full of possibility and connection? What if you had maximum faith (certainty) that its going to work out?

Going for your dreams and goals with a certified, experienced and proven coach, who believes in you and has  already come through personal challenges and is exquisitely self-aware and successful with achieving personal goals, will expedite you on your journey to your destiny.  We know the road ahead! Try a free, 1 hour Discovery Session to see what is possible in your life. Find out how you can serve at your maximum potential and be your “True-self” here in the world!


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