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If I was minding everyone else's business (except my own), who would be minding my business?

Posted on: Jun 22, 2012 - 09:11 AM | General Information | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock

Question: If I was minding everyone else’s business (except my own), who would be minding my business?


It’s a concept that your mom taught you as a young child, and a painful lesson that you learned by trial and error throughout your young life: Minding one’s own business… Sometimes we still do it… But why do we so often mind other people’s business? Why do we get caught up? What is the payoff? Is it real? Or is it just a mirage? What can one actually gain by minding someone else’s business?

Codependence? Perceived, momentary control? Destruction? Petty competitions? A swarm of unhappy people who have had their power stolen? Enemies?

Really! Why do people put themselves through this? Is it a learned behavior? Is it the human state? Is it a symptom of the attempt at moral judgement?


Maybe a bigger and better question is this: Where does “Moral Authority” come from? Who issued it to so many people who think that they get to tell everyone else how they should think and live their lives?  And sure: maybe there is a set of “natural laws” like physics, math, language, etc... which are the structure of our our world, universe/ dimension… And do humans get to decide what these laws are and how they work? It seems to me that certain organizations, institutions and individuals have a very complex rationalization of their answer to these questions. I challenge those people and organizations/institutions to take a really deep, sober and introspective look at their core needs and values and ask themselves which needs they are really trying to meet by focusing on and attempting to control everyone else’s behavior. What do you really want? And what has it cost you? And what will it cost you in the future? And what could we gain if we focused on our own business and nothing but it? How far could we go? And what problems and tangles could we avoid? What Amazing things would come into our lives?


If you want to go toward being more of a whole, complete and loving human being who minds one’s own business and interacts with others who are more in tuned with this concept, I invite you to try a Discovery session with a certified, experienced and competent coach. Coaches are trained to “facilitate” individuals and groups in being their true selves without minding your business or imposing their agenda on others. We genuinely attempt to understand and appreciate you, your needs and your path. It works, and it feels great! Try it out! Get in contact and participate in a free one hour Discovery session now!


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