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How Many Times Have You Been Influenced by Someone, When You Felt Like You Were Being Judged?

Posted on: Jul 02, 2012 - 10:03 AM | Personal Development | Comments (0)
Author: Dru Babcock


“Oh God; come on Stupid! Why don’t you just buy it? What’s wrong with you? You’re so Dumb!”


This is something that “the worst salesman of the year” might say, right? Have you ever changed your mind when someone was telling you that you were wrong? Perhaps they added some sort of force or threat to get you to comply with their demand? Maybe this urged you to change your mind or comply temporarily, until the exact moment that the threat was removed? Then you immediately went right back to your way of doing it? Does this sound familiar? People don’t change because someone tells them that they are wrong; all that happens is that they dig their heels in a little further and push back harder.  Yet, so often people use this strategy to get what they think that they want. And then we find ourselves in a culture with miserable politics and manipulation. Maybe even emotional blackmail and extortion? Its horrible, isn’t it? Blegghh!


What if we were to let go of our egos and stopped pushing for a moment? What would happen?

What if we could more often be in a state of curiosity? What would that get us?


Think of some sales people that you havn been witness to. What did they do? What was their strategy? I bet that you are thinking of some slimy, annoying people who used high-pressure sales tactics to get you to buy into their product or service, right? However, I bet that the best and most virtuous sales people whom you have ever been witness to are not easily coming into your mind, because there was no force or judgment included in their strategy. We often, most easily remember the worst or most traumatic “sound bytes” from our lives; and fail to remember the ones that were actually positive. Fear is a powerful emotion of ours for a reason! But its actually a weak energy... In the end, it always loses.


Now really think of the sales people who served you the most, where you felt like you got an even value exchange. Or where you felt like perhaps they couldn’t  possibly have made a profit on the transaction. And you didn’t feel any push or uncomfortable pressure from them. That was probably a fantastic sales person.  You may want to do business with that person or company again, right? And you may even get pleasure from doing business with them.


What if you were to take this attitude with everyone whom you interact with?  What if you could do business with, and serve your friends at a level that far exceeds their expectations and they felt like doing business with you is a guaranteed win? Who wouldn’t do business with you? Perhaps people who want to feel inferior? Because they see themselves as inferior… And they may go and interact, and do business with people who treat them like inferiors. These people actually do exist; and yes, it’s some wacky stuff. I choose to do business with people whom I can count on to exceed my expectations, and I stay away from the emotional blackmailers and the extortionists. But I learned the hard way. When I was a young puppy I was hanging out and doing business with some people whom treated me like dirt, and I kept coming back for more, and I found myself stuck in a horrible cycle of misery, loss, and being used. I didn’t know that the alternative was possible at that time, until I got so fed up that I decided to get away from that culture and create a better existence for myself and others who choose to do the same. And sitting where I live now, I feel great! And I don’t have to use force. I rarely use force and I’m in an almost constant state of curiosity and positive anticipation. And I don’t find myself in the human state of moral judgment very often. Comparing my life now, to what it was fifteen years ago is like the difference between watching a movie on a black and white TV from the seventies, versus watching it on a giant, plasma flat-screen TV with High Definition and surround sound audio! It’s actually very amazing! And I have a sense of freedom, which I could never achieve when I was being weighted down and enslaved by those users and terrorists who’s modus operandi was to keep me in a state of fear and separation so that they could feel important and use my resources. It was a vicious crowd of people, whom I was around. I thank God that I made it to where I am today, and where I am going to in the future!

What I am proposing to you is this: Who do you want to be? A slave? Or a free person? Do you want to live your full life, which you have been given? Or do you want to rot like a corpse for the next fifty years or so? Choose right now! What will it be? Grow or Die? There is no sitting on the fence with this one…


If you want to grow, you must choose to serve other people, yourself and the greater good with your life’s work and purpose. You must deliver value before you take. And you must deliver as much value as you take, or more than you take. My personal and humble experience in life has shown me that the more you give and serve, the more is given to you. And also: if you truly intend to serve, you will be rewarded. But you have to deliver actual value. So, if you want to deliver value and get it in return, you must be open to it, and in a state of curiosity. And you must be going away from moral judgment, and using force. It works; try it out and see the results. Really, really go for it and serve someone today. Buy your fellow co-worker lunch, or help someone without expectation of a return favor; exceed their expectations and see what comes back to you. I promise that you will be surprised with the outcome. My entire point is that if you let people decide for themselves, they will make the correct decision every single time. The best salespeople and leaders (or influencers) don’t control or manipulate; they serve others. And it works. And the world is hungry for this. It’s growing and reaching critical mass. Be part of it, and be alive!


If you are interested in exploring this concept more, get in contact with us and set up a free, 1 hour Discovery session and start on your way to being your True-self!


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