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The 10 Steps to Earning Respect:

Posted on: Aug 21, 2013 - 10:00 AM | General Information | Comments (0)
Author: DB

Surprise! The only way to earn respect is by being respectable! Ha ha... What will "bitching that you don’t get respect" get you? However, there are ten specific things you can do, which will earn you a respectable reputation.

  1. Set positive expectations of yourself (in other people’s minds) beforehand. People generally experience what they expect. Simple enough. Don’t pre-frame yourself as a beginner (or washed up).
  2. Be Congruent: Walk the talk; have your actions correspond with your words. You will immediately gain respect if you do this. And especially do it with yourself and most importantly, others. People can easily sense (on a subconscious level) when someone is not acting with congruency. In action, this means: leave excuses at home. Apologize if necessary; ask permission to give an explanation.
  3. Be someone that people can count on. Always come through on your word and double their positive expectations. Word will get out.
  4. Be of service: Don’t be in it just to serve yourself and don’t try to please people. Instead, help them to get their needs met: serve them! Put them ahead of you. When they feel that you served them, they will appreciate you and therefore, you will be respected.
  5. Be courageous: Take action in the face of fear. Everybody appreciates this. It creates animalistic attraction and it’s instinctual. You know what this means...
  6. Be humble and check your ego at the door: Would you rather be right? Or would you rather be happy? What can other people appreciate? Even when you gain a tremendous win or success, don’t shove it in other people’s faces. They may view themselves as inadequate and you may be threatening to their ego. This may turn them off from wanting to connect with you. People who are in the public eye (and ahead of the power curve) get publically criticized, often. It comes with the territory of being a leader. Definitely celebrate and enjoy your accomplishments as they will fuel you up!
  7. Be intelligent and have faith: I think that they are one in the same. Expect the best and prepare for the worst. Be Certain about it! Things will work out the way that they are supposed to. Pilots always believe that their airplane will take off and fly us to the destination successfully or we don’t take off at all; and we know what to do if something comes up unexpectedly. The truth is: it’s inherently more hazardous to be flying an airplane than it is to be on the ground, watching other people fly airplanes and talking about them. But if you maintain a proper safety margin, you will make progress and have a fun and rewarding time in the process!
  8. Be honest and forthright: live with an honest soul and an open heart, and be free! If you are deceptive (or lying regularly) you constantly have to juggle your lies and this can get exhausting, and even physically debilitating! You will be a slave to your lies. And people will subconsciously pick up on this, one way on another. But my friends, remember that you don’t need to spill your guts and blab about how you cheated on your boyfriend (or girlfriend) before you were committed to each-other, or that you crapped your pants that one time.
  9. Don’t bad-mouth competitors, even if they are playing unfair or being downright nasty. It’s like fighting a skunk; the only thing that will happen is that you get sprayed with their funk, and everyone loses. And don’t take it personally when a skunk is out spraying. It’s what they do! Can you blame them? You can’t engage with that mentality; it’s a slippery slope that only leads to war. Some people only know how to be petty because that is what was modeled to them while growing up, and possibly its part of their genetic makeup too. Also, remember from Shakespeare?: "The Lady doth protest too much!" When people are acting petty or are being nasty and attacking, it’s because they haven’t progressed past it yet. They may in fact, be covering up their weaknesses and misdeeds or even (somehow) be reaching out for help. Furthermore, regardless of one’s religious appreciation, I believe that Jesus Christ puts it the best:
    "Love your enemies, and pray for those people who persecute you. If you only love those people who love you... What reward is there in that?" Isn’t that profound? What does that get you? Damn that’s great stuff!

    Just live in your own energy and own your strengths: be your truest and most magnificent self. And since we live here in the World, it may be smart to defend yourself from vicious attacks on your reputation. You can’t serve anyone if you are disabled.
  10. If all else fails; think of a time when you were horribly disappointed in someone (or an organization) and lost respect for them. Now think of specifically what it was that they did to get there. Now, just do the opposite of that! And you will earn respect!

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